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Update: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 - 11:39
Cuban President Describes as Immortal Work of Gabriel García Márquez

Cuban President Raúl Castro, described today as immortal the work of Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, in a message sent to the wife of the deceased Nobel Prize for Literature.

Colombian Writer García Márquez Dies in Mexico

Holguin Gets Ready for May Day Celebrations

Photo by Amauris BetancourtPreparations to celebrate the International Workers' Day in Holguin province are extending to workplaces, companies and people's councils around the territory.

Cuba Sees 2,156 New AIDS Cases in 2013

Cuba's health ministry is urging vulnerable citizens to undergo HIV tests more often, revealing that 2,156 new cases of HIV/AIDS were registered last year, according to a report by the weekly newspaper Trabajadores.

Low-budget Film Festival in Gibara, Holguin

The coastal city of Gibara, in Holguin province, will host the 11th Low-Budget Film Festival next week, with renewed energy.

Cuba Publishes Foreign Investment Law

A Special Tabloid, published by Granma, hit the newsstands today with the provisions of Law No. 118 of the Foreign Investment passed in the National Assembly of the People’s Power on March 29.

Giron in the Memory of Cuban People

The morning was advancing while people were coming and going through the city of Havana. Cuba was all abuzz. There were still the debris from recent bombings of the airports of Ciudad Libertad, San Antonio de los Baños and Santiago de Cuba, but people, far from burying their dead in sorrow, were dressed in militias and carried rifles.

Cuba Remembers Criminal Bombings of its Airports

World Health Organization Praises Cuban Medical Assistance in Africa

World Health Organization representative for Africa, Luis Gomez Sambo, said in Luanda, Angola, that international medical cooperation with Africa, especially the Cuban initiative, has been important and very useful for the continent.

Cuba Publishes Working Regulations at Mariel Harbor Services

The regulations for the use, exploitation, operations, management and offer of harbor maritime services at the Mariel Special Development Zone went into effect following their publication Monday in the Official Gazette.

HolguinMoa's Investment Project Advances

Photo by Javier MolaMajor investments directed to the improvement of the manufacturing process of nickel and the economic and social development of the mining region of Moa, were checked by the Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, Politburo member and vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers.

ZunZuneo: The story is long and continues…

The scandal unleashed as a result of Associated Press (AP) revelations regarding the undercover construction of a mobile phone messaging system by the United States, with the goal of overthrowing the Cuban government, continues to develop, despite White House and State Department efforts to contain it.

Second Stage of Polio Vaccination Campaign Begins in Cuba Next Week

A second stage of the 53rd National Polio Campaign, which includes over one and a half million Cuban children, will begin Friday, April 25th throughout the island, according to the Ministry of Health.

More People Join Solidarity Campaign for The Five in Washington

More than 250 people from all over the world supported in a week the next solidarity campaign with Cuba and three anti-terrorist fighters still in prison in the United States.

Jimmy Carter Says United States is the World’s Number One Warmonger

The deep suffering caused by US policy at international level has made the world perceive the United States as the top warmonger, said former President Jimmy Carter.

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