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Cuba Ensures Regular, Safe and Orderly Migration for its Citizens

Cuban diplomat, Josefina Vidal, has reiterated here Cuba''s commitment to ensure the regular, safe and orderly migration of the citizens of the Caribbean country, as well as their right to travel and to emigrate.

Joint Statement between the governments of Cuba and the United States

Holguin: Better Electricity Service in Rural Communities

The electrification of more than a dozen rural communities and the reduction of a hundred low-voltage areas are among the achievements of the electricity sector in the province of Holguin during 2016.

Cuban Doctors Honored

Photo: Yaimí Ravelo / GranmaFor more than five months they saved thousands of lives even at the risk of losing their own, leaving behind the warm of their homes, their families. They traveled to lands far away before the UN´s call and the World Health Organization (OMS) to help the fight against Ebola epidemic in African countries.

Holguin: Protecting the City with Passion

Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras / AINAmong the city of Holguín’s most notable charms are its parks, which are more than spaces designed simply for rest and recreation, but rather part of the city's culture created by residents who value its universal appeal.

Danny Glover Tours Fidel Castro's Birthplace (+Photos)

Photos: Javier Mola HernándezUs actor and human rights activist Danny Glover visited the Historic Complex of Biran, which houses, among other properties, the birthplace of Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

Holguin Reports Low Infant Mortality Rate

Holguin is among the Cuban provinces with the lowest infant mortality rate in children under one year, closing 2016 with 3.8 per thousand live births, according preliminary reports of the Department of Statistics of the Health Directorate in this northeastern region of Cuba.

Science at the Service of Society in Holguin

The implementation of some 300 environmental projects in various spheres of society distinguished the activity of professionals from the territorial delegation of Science Technology and Environment in the province of Holguín in 2016.

Rafael Correa Assumes Presidency of the G-77 Plus China at the UN

The head of the Ecuadorian State, Rafael Correa, will assume today the pro-tempore presidency of the G77 Plus China Group.

Cuba to host International Symposium on Gender Violence

With the aim of promoting scientific debate and facilitating alliances between national and global institutions, the 2nd International Symposium on Gender Violence, Prostitution, Sex Tourism and Trafficking in Persons “Berta Cáceres in memoriam” will be held in Havana from June 23 - 25.

Hollywood Actors Sing 'I Will Survive' to Donald Trump

A group of Hollywood actors today shared a video dedicated to US President-elect Donald Trump in social media, in which they interpret the anthological theme ''I will survive''.

Mexican Peso Loses Ground While Trump Struggle Grows

The rift Donald Trump-México is framed in the wall that the next President of the United States wants to lift and charge on this country, whose national currency is until now the main victim of the wrong.

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