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Raúl Castro Receives Bolivian Foreign Minister

Photo: GranmaArmy General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, yesterday June 27, received Bolivia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fernando Huanacuni Mamani, who is making an official visit Cuba.

National Council of Watersheds to be Held in Holguin

The managment of one of the watersheds of national interest, Mayarí, will report on Wednesday, June 28 in the city of Holguín, the results of its management, announced in Havana the Doctor in Technical Sciences Jorge Mario García Fernández, secretary of the National Council of Watersheds.

Holguín, Main Venue of Transport Worker´s Day Celebration

The arrival of several means of transport of passengers and cargo to the province of Holguín benefits the inhabitants of this northeastern province, which will host the main celebration of the Transport Worker's Day, June 28.

Sierra de Moa, the Home of Carnivorous Plant Endemic to Cuba

Sierra de Moa, about a thousand meters above sea level, is the home of the droseraceae moaensis, carnivorous plant endemic to Cuba, which has been registered as a species in danger of extension.

Holguin Boosts Sustainability of Electricity Generation

Photo: GranmaThe Holguin Electricity Company carries out actions to ensure the sustainability of power generation and a more efficient use of energy carriers.

Holguin Forest Company Celebrates its Day

The Holguin Forest Company was the venue for the main celebration of the Forestry Workers Day on June 21st for the results achieved in the economic and production indicators during 2016, which ranked it among the best ones in the country in the sector.

Holguin Increases Investments to Protect Environment

Holguin has been carrying out several investments to protect environment from 2016 to date, as part of a program aimed at ensuring sustainable development in the territory.

Parlatino US Blockade is the Greatest Violation of Human Rights Against the Cuban People

The Latin American and Caribbean Parliament, also known as Parlatino, passed a resolution rejecting the strengthening of the United States' blockade against Cuba, condemning it as a violation of the Cuban people's human rights and calling on all member nations to bolster opposition to the aggressive policy.

Spain Donates Copies of Historical Documents to Cuba

Spain's state-run archives will deliver facsimiles of several historical documents related to the island to the National Archive of the Republic of Cuba (ARNAC).

World Peace Councils Slams US Interventionism in Cuba

The World Peace Council (WPC) has strongly rejected the U.S. President Donald Trump’s rollback of normalizing relations with Cuba.

Sugar Cane Production is More than Just Making Sugar: ISO

Photo: Radio RebeldeThe days when sugar cane was only used to produce sugar are being left behind in the world, declared Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization (OIA), José Orive.

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