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In #Holguín #CubavsBlockade (+Photos)

Mass organizations and the civil society in Holguin expressed here their rejection to the blockade and interventionist nature of the measures implemented by the US government against Cuba.

Overwhelming Majority of International Community Says 'NO' to U.S. Blockade of Cuba

Holguin Health Sector Affected by the U.S. Blockade

XXII Ibero-American Culture FestivalIbero America in Holguín

"The population mobility and cultural groups" is the theme for the 22nd Ibero-American Culture Festival taking place in Holguin from 24 to 30 October.

Iberoarte: An Event where Art and Craft Meet

These days the city of Holguin is swarming with people, as fans of quality and new ventures walk through its main streets on their way to the Arts Centre or the ExpoHolguin fairground, venues of the Iberoarte Craft Fair. In these two exhibition areas, arts and crafts are available for those who arrive there to seek objects which combine with homes, clothing and other areas of daily life.

Havana and Washington Sign Health Cooperation Accord

Cuba and the United States signed on Thursday a historic memo of understanding to cooperate in Cancer control.

Cuban Health Minister Receives US Health Secretary

Holguin Contributes to the Study on Coastal Areas

The development of a procedure that contributes to the diagnosis of the coastal area in several Cuban cities, is one of the main researches carried out by the Meteorological Center of Holguin.

Holguin: University Students Condemn the Blockade on Cuba

Under the slogan "The blockade hurts the people of Cuba" and "Avispero contra el bloqueo,” university students in Holguin held a day of denunciation of the most absurd and genocidal act against the people of Cuba.

HolguinIbero-American Festival Held for more than 20 Years

Photo: Juventud RebeldeThe 22nd Ibero-American Culture Festival will be held in Holguin from October 24 to 30 and it will be dedicated to the cultural groups in its many variants and population mobility, organizers confirmed today.

Holguin Hosts Iberoarte Crafts Fair 2016

U.S. Research Institute Gets Go-Ahead to Test Cuban Lung Cancer Vaccine

Roswell Park Cancer Institute has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct an early clinical trial of CIMAvax-EGF, a promising lung cancer vaccine developed in Cuba. This way, the Buffalo-based hospital and research center will become the first such institution in the U.S. to conduct a study on a drug developed by Cuban researchers.


The directive issued by President Barack Obama, October 14, describes the blockade as an “outdated policy that had failed to advance U.S. interests.” Will Washington ever recognize that the blockade has been an illegal and unjust policy of aggression which has caused Cuba billions of dollars in economic damages and incalculable human losses? Is the U.S. willing to compensate the Cuban people for these losses?

Fidel Holds Friendly Meeting with President of Portugal

Compañero Fidel and the President of the Portuguese Republic, His Excellency Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, held a friendly encounter on the afternoon of October 26.

Panama Advances in Clinical Trials of Dengue Vaccine

Five countries, including Panama, are leading now the third and final phase of clinical trials of a tetravalent dengue vaccine, announced Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.

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