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The mosquito does not believe in music

  • Written by Lourdes Pichs Rodríguez
  • Category: Opinion
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The revelation a few months ago of the discovery by a group of scientists from Malaysia, Japan and Thailand that the electronic song 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' by the American DJ Skrillex is "noisy enough to reduce the attack and mating of the mosquito Aedes aegypti (Aa), brings in suspense many people here, who instead follow the prevention measures make louder the boisterous music to scare off that harmful vector.

Perfection, not break

  • Written by Maribel Flamand Sánchez
  • Category: Opinion
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A draft Electoral Law has been proposed for the approval of the members of the Cuban parliament, and although the people do not have direct participation in the process, but through its representatives in Parliament, it keeps abreast on the process of debates and the information provided by the media in the island.

Lázaro Peña, the Leader of Tobacco Workers

  • Written by Ania Fernández Torres
  • Category: Opinion
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Black, poor and born in the neighborhood of Los Sitios in Havana, with those conditions, in that republic, it was really impossible to achieve his dream to become a violinist. But Lázaro Peña had a star, that of the fighters, of integrity in all its strength.

The Archaic Harassment of the North

  • Written by Ania Fernández Torres
  • Category: Opinion
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These days, with regard to the outrage of the occupant of the White House and the activation of Chapter III of the Helms Burton Act, I have remembered the old theme: I am harassed by the paleface, which is surprisingly contemporary.