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Lázaro Bruzón to Compete in Uruguay

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BruzonPhoto: Radio Cadena Agramonte
Lázaro Bruzón, who is the Cuban chess player with the highest elo point coefficient and GM, will be present at the Continental Chess championship to be carried out from the upcoming Friday in its venue in Uruguay.
Lázaro Bruzón, who has a current 2646 elo points, is not longer part of the 100 first players of the world ranking as he is ranked 113th by the related list that is undated by the FIDE.
Lázaro Bruzón lost recently 17.8 points at the Capablanca Memprial tournament that was carried out in Havana city where he could managet to score 3.5 points out of the ten possible ones, seven draws and three defeats.
At the aforementioned competition that will be kicking off in the afternoon and will last until June 10th, Cuban GM might have his US counterpart (2717) among his rivals. He’d won the Capablanca tournament and was his main opponent after having lost twice before him.
Other chess p[layers, who have already registered for the competition, include the Peruvian GM Jorge Cori Telo that is the main player of Latin America with 2659 elo points and the US player Jeffery Xiong with 2656 points, respectively.
In addition, that tournament will be disputed under the Swiss system through eleven rounds. There will be double games from June 3 rd through the seventh and the first four players will be classified into the World cup of the year 2019. / Radio Rebelde

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