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Computerization of Society Advances in Holguin

  • Written by Maribel Flamand Sánchez
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Computerization is equivalent to development, humanization of work, simplification of processes, hence the computerization of society is a strategic program in Cuba, within which Holguin aspires to rank among the first provinces to achieve this purpose.

Cuba Bets on German Tourism

  • Written by Lourdes Pichs y Luly Legrá
  • Category: Holguin
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Cuba is committed to German tourism and we will do everything to continue working hard to achieve the stable arrival of visitors from that European nation to our country, where we work each day to increase the quality of the tourism product and thus achieve greater satisfaction among the clients.

Proletarian party in Holguin

  • Written by Lourdes Pichs Rodríguez
  • Category: Holguin
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Read more ...Holguin is a proletarian festivity already. Since seven o'clock in the morning thousands and thousands of men and women of this town carry out another historical march for Cuba and the peoples of the world.