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Closing the way to social indiscipline and illegalities

  • Written by Roberto Ortiz del Toro
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Read more ...Social indisciplines, illegalities and crime increased as to the occurrence of these events in the province of Holguín during the year 2018, according to statistics revealed by the Provincial Administration Council (CAP).

Expociencia 2019 Begins in Holguin

  • Written by Maribel Flamand Sánchez
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"Advances in science, technology and innovation as economic foundations for the development of the province of Holguin" is the topic for debate in the 11th Edition of Expociencia, an event that from February 27 to March 1, gathers in the Exhibition Center the scientific community of the eastern Cuban territory.

Urban Agriculture, Essential in the Production of Vegetables

  • Written by Carlos García / Radio Banes
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The Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, approved in 2011, take into account the need to prioritize, in short term, the substitution of imports of those foods that can be produced in Cuba, since the country invests each year around 2 billion dollars in 80 percent of the products for consumption.

Holguin to Meet the Coffee Harvest Plan

  • Written by Nelson Rodríguez Roque
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The coffee harvest in the province of Holguin currently exceeds 5 thousand 213 tons (t) cerezas, the first unit of measure in which it is purchased from the producer, which represents 99.2 percent of the plan for this period.