Holguin Pediatric Hospital Improves Infrastructure

  • Written by Lilian Ayala Leyva (Students of journalism)
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Read more ...The Pediatric Hospital Octavio de la Concepción de la Pedraja of Holguin is undergoing repair and maintenance works in order to improve services of that institution, one of the largest ones in the Caribbean country.

Holguin, General Customs of the Republic Marks Anniversary

  • Written by Lilian Susel Ayala Leyva (Student of journalism)
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Read more ...The General Customs Office of the Republic of Cuba (AGRC) in Holguin celebrated its 55th anniversary with an increase in detections related to the country's security, such as drug smuggling or people who tried to circumvent control, and confrontation with the political-ideological subversion.

Holguin: Preparing the Future of Medicine

  • Written by Lourdes Pichs Rodríguez
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Read more ...The province of Holguin currently has one of the highest enrollments of medical students in Cuba, with 9, 326 pre and postgraduate students.

East-West Water Transfer, a Major Engineering Work

  • Written by Germán Veloz Placencia
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Read more ...The impressive Mayarí Dam with 354 million cubic meters and the dam wall, unique in the country for its height and waterproof concrete front, distinguish the East-West Water Transfer as a mega-construction, the result of the country's technical capacity.

Eastern Army Starts Year of Preparation for Defense

  • Written by Yanela Ruiz González
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Read more ...To strengthen the military invulnerability and guarantee the sovereignty of the Cuban people is the main mission of the Eastern Army, a commitment reaffirmed in the military ceremony on the occasion of the beginning of the year of preparation for the 2018 defense, presided over by the Army Corps General Ramón Espinosa Martín, vice minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR).