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First Kidney Transplant with Living Donor in 2019 Performed in Holguín

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The 29-year-old Yusnelis Álvarez Arévalo, from the municipality of Bartolomé Masó, Granma province, and her father, Enrique Álvarez Tejeda, have evolved favorably after performing the first kidney transplant from a living donor in 2019 in the country.
The success of the complex surgery validates the professionalism and experience of the multidisciplinary medical team of the Lucía Íñiguez Hospital, in the province of Holguín, which has performed 27 surgeries of this type since 2013.

The price of the operation varies internationally between 30 and 50 thousand dollars, not including the cost of care and immunosuppressive therapies. In Cuba, all resources are guaranteed free of charge for the medical procedure, which stands out for its multiple advantages over that of cadaveric donor.

"When the organ is removed from a living person, the chances of success are greater because the surgery is planned with greater time and care, the degree of compatibility is optimal, so the chances of rejection are reduced, there is greater survival of the receiver and renal function recovers faster, "said Dr. Roberto Cruz Mayo, Head of the Service in the territory.

The Holguín transplant center favored more than 700 patients from the provinces of Las Tunas, Granma and Holguín. It distinguishes among the nine of its kind in the country by the number of surgeries performed each year, the high rate of organ survival and the low rejection rate, similar to that of developed nations. / Aldia.cu

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