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Holguín Boosts Project “Ciudad Parque de Cuba”

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Ciudad ParqueThe project “Holguín, Ciudad Parque de Cuba,” carried out by the provincial delegation of the National Union of Architects and Construction Engineers (UNAICC) with the support of political authorities, government and social institutions of the territory, has contributed to improve the image of the city.
Emma Rodríguez, president of the Provincial Board of UNAICC, said that this project is conceived as a strategy or work platform, aimed to declare Holguin the city park of Cuba, to promote the city from its characteristics and the social life around these spaces, and thus promote tourism development, as there is only one in the world, located in Spain.
For this reason, the UNAICC in Holguin has been inserted in the whole process of improvement of the parks of the city, offering its specialized support and technical contribution.
The strategy also includes contests for children and young people, in order to raise awareness from an early age, feel the city as their own and take care of it.
The headquarters of the UNAICC in Holguin also welcomes a monthly meeting with the participation of artists and specialists to promote the debate on issues related to the city of Holguin.
"The strategy includes several local development projects related to architecture and the combination of renewable energies (photovoltaic) in buildings, among others, and thus contribute to the National Electric System.”
María Caridad Martínez Peregrín
Author: María Caridad Martínez Peregrín
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