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Comptroller General Calls for Greater Economic Efficiency in Holguin

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Contraloría 1Photo: William ParraoTo work with demand and avoid inconsistent attitudes with the principles of the Revolution, called in Holguin the Comptroller General of the Republic of Cuba, Gladys Bejerano, during the conclusions of the 12th National Checking of Internal Control, carried out here from November 1 to December 12, 2017.
A total of 29 Holguin entities were evaluated, including the Pediatric Hospital and the University of Medical Sciences, which stood out with positive results, while the Agriculture Company, Agricultural Supplies and Services to the Sugar Industry (ESAZUCAR) companies had the most negative indications.
According to the report revealed by the Provincial Comptroller, a total of 14 entities showed defficiencies in the implementation of the Internal Control System, mainly with the misuse and treatment of inventories. In this sense, the economic damages caused amount to more than 14 million in national currency and more than 30 million in foreign currency.
Contraloría 1Other deficiencies found are related to economic contracting, receivable and payable accounts, and fuel control.
The Vice President of the Council of State urged administratives to eliminate bureaucratic styles of management and join forces to involve all workers in control actions, in order to learn and correct the wrongly done.
She also said that indifference, bureaucracy and insensitivity go hand in hand with a non-revolutionary action that is why the need for economic efficiency, because you cannot build Socialism without control, as Che Guevara said.
With the presence of the highest authorities of the Party and the Government in the province, auditors, group leaders, supervisors and specialists who participated in the process were recognized, as well as students of the Accounting and Law courses of the University of Holguin and the Mining Institute of Moa.
Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Holguin, pointed out the need to organize the productive process, with order and discipline, as a way to respect the people and the work carried out by the Internal Control. He said not to be swept away by obstacles and justifications, to carry out an exhaustive work and called to demonstrate with work, attitudes and results the legacy of the Commander in Chief.
María Caridad Martínez Peregrín
Author: María Caridad Martínez Peregrín
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