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Holguin: 32 Edition of the City Hall Opened

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Salón de la ciudad 1Photo: Carlos RafaelThe 32nd edition of the City Hall, aimed to promote the visual arts, was opened at the Art Center of the Cuban City of Parks, as part of the activities for the Holguin Culture Week, taking place here until January 21.
The exhibition called "Untitled (work in process)”, does not focus on works of art and their traditional formats, but on their projects. Hence, instead of artistic pieces, the public can appreciate texts, where the creators explain the ideo-aesthetic conception of their proposal.
According to Yanna Velázquez, one of the curators, this constitutes a significant achievement, due to the fact that in Holguín there is no tradition of artists who expose the conception of their works through texts.
"These are projects that the creators have not been able to carry out, due to several reasons. It is a novel and refreshing idea that revitalizes the context of the visual arts in Holguin. It is a conceptual and aesthetic break with what we are used to, but the public can receive it, because we are proposing a new way of appreciating art, from a more sensitive appreciation, that is not only for consumption, but to think about all the content " , said the specialist.
Salón de la ciudad 2A total of 20 projects of Holguin artists, including Lauro Hechavarría, Dagoberto Driggs and a group of sculptors belonging to CODEMA, are being exhibited.
The jury that will evaluate the proposals of the City Hall is composed of Danilo Vega, curator of the province of Villa Clara; Ana Castro, professor of the Art career at the pedagogical branch of the University of Holguin; and José Emilio Leyva, artist of the plastic arts.
Other activities related to the visual arts take place in the city of Holguín during the Culture Week. Conferences and talks about the work of renowned artists such as Cosme Proenza and Argelio Cobiellas, as well as the exchange on topics related to sculpture, the meaning of the Visual Arts and current Cuban art.
Salón de la Ciudad 3The agenda also includes the launching of the 2018 calendar with works by local artists and the opening of the photographic exhibition "Manual de la artista" (Manual of the artist) by Anely Pupo.
María Caridad Martínez Peregrín
Author: María Caridad Martínez Peregrín
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