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Holguin Youths Recall Martyrs of Corynthia (+Photos)

Photos: Reynaldo CruzYoung people from the municipality of Mayarí, Holguín province, recalled on Sunday the horrendous murder on May 28, 1957, where 16 revolutionary fighters of the Corynthia expedition lost their lives.

Holguin Marks Tobacco Worker's Day

Photo: GranmaThe Collecting, Benefit and Twisted Tobacco Company in Holguin celebrates this May 29th the Tobacco Worker's Day with results that place it as the best of its kind in the Tabacuba National Group, after having exceeded all historical economic and productive records.

Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, an Example of Unprecedented Solidarity

Photo: Radio RelojSolidarity is again the banner of the Henry Reeve Cuban medical brigade, which today receives the Public Health Award in Memory of Dr. Lee Jong-wook, granted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Botanical Garden of Holguín, Cuban Flora Reservoir

Photo: ACNLocated in areas of the Valle de Mayabe and with more than 50 hectares in operation, the Holguín Botanical Garden is a reservoir for the conservation of endemic species of Cuban flora.

Holguin Hosts Expoambiente 2017 Event

Photo: Reynaldo CruzThe city of Holguin hosts the conference Expoambiente 2017 aimed at socializing the results in the environmental management for sustainable development and promoting the theoretical and methodological exchange on environment.

Holguin Provides Specialized Care to People with Disabilities

Providing specialized care for people with disabilities is among the priorities of the Holguin´s health system. In this sense, the Cuban Association for the Deaf (ANSOC) in the province checks each month the main needs of its members.

Holguin Turquino Plan, Achievements and Challenges (+Photos)

Photos: Reynaldo CruzFrom the Biran-Mella road and the Jimbambay River in the Municipality of Cueto, to the Jaguaní River, bordering the Guantanamo province, the Holguín mountainous region with its exuberant nature has been privileged with high living conditions, education and medical care coverage, even in the most remote areas.

National Health Survey in Cuba

Dr. Esther Pallarol Marino, representative of the National Epidemiology Office of the Department of Non Transmittable Diseases told ACN that the survey will begin from the age of six.

Cubans in Venezuela Denounce Right-Wing Attack on Marti Statue

Photo: TelesurtvThe Association of Cubans and Cuban Residents in Venezuela condemned the attacks against the statues of Jose Marti and Luis Brion, where violent opposition groups put hoods over the national heroes.

French President Receives Vladimir Putin in Versailles

Photo: Prensa LatinaFrench President Emmanuel Macron on Monday received his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Versailles, a meeting that has raised broad media attention here.

National Assembly of People's Power Calls Extraordinary Session

Photo: Radio RebeldeThe Republic of Cuba's Council of State, in accordance with Articles 78 and 90 of the Constitution, voted to convene an extraordinary session of the National Assembly of People's Power, June 1, this year, at 9:00am, in Havana's Convention Center, in order to analyze the following documents:

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