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Raúl Castro Attends Swearing-in Ceremony for New Cuban Ambassadors

Army Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuban Central Committee and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, presided a swearing-in ceremony for 38 new Cuban ambassadors, yesterday July 23, in the Council of State's Revolution Hall.

Holguin´s Mechanical Industry Boosts Production (+Photos)

Photos: Reynaldo CruzOn July 27, 1981, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro inaugurated the then Equipment and Implements Factory "26 de Julio". Thirty-six years later, the local newspaper ahora.cu arrives at the entity to know on current projects.

Decathlete Leonel Suárez to Open World Championship

The best Cuban decathlete of all time, Holguín's Leonel Suárez Fajardo is preparing to compete in his fourth Open World Championship, to be held in London, England, from August 4 to 14.

US Artist Drifts Apart from Trump and Exhibit in Cuba

Photo: Prensa LatinaUS plastic artist Ben Jones expressed his dissatisfaction with the stance of US President Donald Trump, opposed to enhance relations between his country and Cuba, where he's presenting a personal exhibition.

Holguin University Implements New Structure for Next School Year

Photo: Taken from Radio AnguloThe University of Holguin is ready to begin the implementation of a new structure, starting next September, which will optimize the management of educational processes in this Center of Higher Studies.

Cuban Elections: Over 20 Thousand Polling Stations Ready

Cubans will cast their ballots in the coming general elections in some 24,360 polling stations placed in the over 12,515 districts of the country.

Holguín Continues the Fight Against Aedes Aegypti

The preventive work in the community is one of the strategies implemented in the province of Holguín to reduce the incidence of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, transmitter of dengue, chikungunya, Zika and other arbovirus diseases.

Venezuelan Electoral Power Asks For Support to Garantee Security

Photo: TelesurtvThe president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, has asked the Defense Council activated in Venezuela to join the electoral process as a State action to guarantee the national security and defense of the Venezuelans.

Bipartisan Support for Ties with Cuba Continues in U.S.

The bipartisan support to engagement with Cuba has strongly increased in the United States over the past two years and we will continue seeing it in the future, said the president of a coalition that promotes ties with the Caribbean island.

President Evo Morales Begins Working Visit in Cuba

Photo: ACNBolivian President, Evo Morales, has begun a short visit to Cuba today to later travel to Argentina, where he will attend the 50th Meeting of the Common Market Council of MERCOSUR.

Sao Paulo Forum, Meeting of Latin America’s Left, Defends Venezuela

Photo: EFE, taken from TelesurtvHundreds of participants from Latin America and the Caribbean’s left forces gathered at the 23rd Sao Paulo Forum in Managua, Nicaragua affirmed Tuesday their support for Venezuela and its National Constituent Assembly proposed by President Nicolas Maduro.

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