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Reasons to Say Yes to the Constitution

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Just a few simple questions in search of reasons that justify approving the constitution of the Republic of Cuba, this February 24, so historic for the country.
What would have happened to those affected by the tornado that struck the Cuban capital, last January 27? With 1,238 homes damaged or totally collapsed, lack of electricity, water and public health facilities, education, gastronomy and others with severe damages.

Given the imminence of a hurricane and in another political system, would Civil Defense care about safeguarding the lives of the residents and restore electrical services in the shortest possible time?

Recalling Puerto Rico after the passage of Hurricane Maria. What did the United States government give to the people?
Quoting just one example: more than 5,000 people were evacuated in the central provinces of Cuba due to the floods of the subtropical storm Alberto.

If they did not have money, what would be the future of those evacuated, who have the need of Public Health services?

In a capitalist country, a pterygium surgery costs $ 160 and a cataract surgery up to 4, 650. An open-heart surgery or bypass in a Latin American country, the cost could be increased to 600, 000 or 1 000 000 pesos.

I can not imagine Cuban parents worried about medical insurance, because their child need any kind of surgery.
How would be the beginning of the school year in September, when the whole country is a range of colors for the school uniforms? In the current school period more than one million 745 thousand students went to the classrooms, 10 thousand 717 institutions opened their doors, with more than 156 thousand teachers in front of the classrooms.
Only in the 2017-2018 academic year there were more than 10 thousand 600 teaching centers opened, which welcomed about one million 750 thousand students.

Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, in January 1959, all teachings in the country are completely free, from the preschool teaching to the postgraduate degrees.

These simple questions mark the differences of defending a socialist revolution, whose humanism allows us to think about most people. In a different system, it would not happen the same.

Saying Yes to the Constitution, next Sunday, means giving continuity to a process designed thinking of the people, in which there is a guarantee to serve men.

We speak of rights to children, young people, women, men and the elderly, an aspect that is extended in the new Magna Carta, which also strengthens the popular power from the base.

As for public health, in the new constitutional text is more explicit the responsibility of the State to guarantee access, gratuity, and the quality of care, protection and recovery services.

Regarding education, it recognizes as a right of all people to have these services for free, affordable and quality for comprehensive training, from early childhood to post-graduate university teaching.

If the Law of Laws of a State responds to the great masses or to the defense of the interests of a minority, ours has no misunderstandings, the certainty of thinking about the people is enough reason to decide this 24: I Vote YES.
Rodobaldo Martínez Pérez
Author: Rodobaldo Martínez Pérez
Máster en Comunicación Social, autor del blog Holguín Ahora.
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