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Holguin University Contributes to Economy

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Read more ...The wide significance and recognition of the academic services of the University of Holguin led in 2017 the income of more than 350 thousand Cuban Convertible Pesos to the funds of Higher Education in Cuba.

Reforestation Contributes to Preserve Mangroves in Holguin

  • Written by Eileen Molina
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Read more ...The planting of red mangrove plants in the coastal zone of Holguin province is one of the initiatives of the Ecoarte community project to preserve these areas and contribute to reduce the effects of climate change.

Taxpayer discipline: Elements to earn

  • Written by Martha Rodríguez González
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Read more ...Within the tax legislation are tax benefits established? Perhaps you have asked yourself this question again and again, when each year you know about the taxes that the Tax Administration Offices (Onat) require from their taxpayers from the first days of the month of January.

Holguin Prepares for the March 11 Elections

  • Written by María Caridad Martínez Peregrín
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Read more ...A few days before the General Elections to be held in Cuba on March 11, where people will elect the delegates to the Provincial Assembly of the People's Power and deputies to the Cuban Parliament, the province of Holguín prepares all its electoral structures with a view to this process .

Holguin Marks Hotel and Tourism Workers Day

  • Written by Luly Legrá and Lourdes Pichs
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Read more ...Recognized by national and foreign visitors as one of the main tourist destination of Cuba, Holguin will celebrate the Hotel and Tourism Workers Day (SNTHT) in the emblematic hotel Brisas Guardalavaca, on the northeastern coast of the Caribbean nation.