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Cultural Center Lalita Curbelo Reopens in Holguin

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Lalita04Photos: Luis Mario Rodríguez SuñolThe Cultural Center Lalita Curbelo Barberán was reopened, fully restored, in tribute to the 88th anniversary of the revolutionary Holguin poetess.
The center underwent a large renovation process with the support of the political and governmental authorities of the territory, headed by Luis Torres Iríbar, member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Holguin and Julio César Estupiñán, President of the Government, who attended the inauguration.

Lalita02The restoration of the building, located in the central Frexes Street, led to the rescue of its heritage value and the preservation of the immense work of Lalita Curbelo.

Carmen Mora, specialist of the Center, said the institution will develop a program of varied activities, with Lalita and poetry as the axis that will include the rest of the artistic expressions through conferences, clubs, literary cafés and meetings for exchange.

Lalita03"We want this to be a culture-generating center where people can come and have coffee, rest, read, but also research, because we have a library with around 10 thousand books and an Information Center with more than 50 thousand documents and four thousand photographs, with which we can support research in the universities," Mora said.

In addition to her immense poetic work and her participation in the development and promotion of Holguin culture, Eulalia Curbelo Barberán was linked to the clandestine struggle in Holguin. In 1959 she created the Casona del Amor diario to welcome homeless children.
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