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The Same Conviction of Victoria that Fidel Instilled in us

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The U.S. Government announced this April 17 new measures that intensify the aggression against Cuba and strengthen the economic, financial and commercial war supported by successive imperial administrations, to a greater or lesser degree, since the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution.
The perverse intentions contained in the stark memorandum of Assistant Secretary of State Lester D. Mallory, on April 6, 1960, are maintained in essence:

"The only foreseeable means to alienate internal support is by creating disillusionment and discouragement based on the lack of satisfaction and economic difficulties ... Any conceivable means to weaken the economic life of Cuba must be used forthwith. One line of action that would have the greatest impact is to deny money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease real and monetary wages in order to cause hunger, despair and the overthrow of the government. "

It is the continuity of the policy of hatred and irrationality that the most aggressive and belligerent sectors of the US establishment have permanently supported in their relationship with Cuba.

It is the prolongation of the ancestral desire, designed by John Quincy Adams, to seize the ripe fruit that was sighted a few miles south of the nascent empire.

The Government of Donald Trump has chosen the confrontation, instead of the dialogue; the punitive measures, instead of the mutually advantageous trade; the prohibitions, instead of cooperation. It goes back to the times of the Big Stick and the Monroe Doctrine.

They have returned to American politics dinosaurs such as John Bolton, ideologue of isolationism and American hegemonism and conjured defender of lies to achieve the imperial purposes (not a few times through the war), which together with the new breed of opportunists and obsessed with last names Pompeo, Rubio, Claver-Carone, clearly reflect the warmongering accent, strong power and imperial blackmail that American foreign policy has today.
The new measures were announced in a symbolic date and scenario: on the same day that the mercenary invasion of Cuba was launched 58 years ago, financed, armed and trained by the United States; and before the remnant of that invading force that was defeated in just 66 hours, later turned into a frightened troop of chefs that ended up being changed by compotes.

The sanctions aim to hit the Cuban economy, undermine our independence, pick up the morale of our people; and there is no doubt that they complicate our reality; but it is nothing new in our History. This is how we have lived generations of Cubans determined not to let ourselves be interfered by the powerful neighbor.

Plan against Plan. Faced with aggression and perfidy, intelligence, creativity, daily effort, efficiency, the search for national solutions, rationality, unity, principles are imposed.

Cubans do not surrender or accept laws or impositions that come from the empire and are outside our Constitution.

Nothing can better symbolize our response than this day: 58 years ago we fought, we defended the most inhospitable place of our soil, valuable companions fell in defense of the recently proclaimed Socialism, and we overcame.

As then, we are not afraid of the force of the empire. As then, we are encouraged by the conviction of victory inculcated by Fidel:
"Homeland or Death!, because that is the slogan of every Cuban. For each one of us, individually, the slogan is: Homeland or Death !, but for the people, who will eventually be victorious, the slogan is: "We will overcome!" / Taken from Cubadebate

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