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U.S. Vice President Plays the Neighborhood Bully, Cuba is not Frightened

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u.s. imperialpower
History repeats itself, the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, has once again threatened Cuba, an island that has endured 60 years of permanent U.S. aggression, without giving in nor negotiating its principles.
Pence addressed the fourth meeting already this year of the UN Security Council to so-called 'analyze the situation in Venezuela,' and again accused Cuba of supporting the government of Nicolás Maduro.
On the same day that the U.S. vice president indicated new sanctions against Cuba, the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party Raul Castro renewed the Caribbean island's strong stance in support of people's self-determination, sovereignty and independence.
"Our support for peace and understanding among nations is accompanied by our determination to defend the sovereign right of Cubans to decide on their own future, without any foreign interference," Raúl said in proclaiming the new Constitution of the Republic.
The PCC leader stressed that the Cuba stance has been made known clearly to Washington "publicly as well as through direct diplomatic channels." He further charged: "U.S. threats do not frighten us."
And while in New York the U.S. vice president again accused Cuba of, in his words "supporting the Maduro regime" and announced that the Trump administration will soon disclose a fresh package of sanctions against the neighboring Caribbean state, Raul Castro reiterated Havana's unwavering, unconditional support for Caracas. / RHC

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