Electoral Commissions Take Office on Sunday in Holguín

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On Sunday, January 13th, Holguín will complete the taking office of the 1,266 electoral commissions of this eastern province, another of the stages prior to the Constitutional Referendum set for February 24 in Cuba.

Holguín Increases Beach Rehabilitation Efforts

  • Written by Ania María Mulet Fernández
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The maintenance and rehabilitation of beaches was among the priorities of the Ministry of Tourism in Holguín in 2018, as part of the implementation of the Cuban state's plan "Tarea Vida" for confronting climate change.

Holguin: Felton revived public benefit works

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More than 30 social facilities received constructive revival during 2018 at the Felton People's Council in the holguinero municipality of Mayarí.

Agricultural Fair Opens in Holguín

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The Mayabe Agricultural Fair began this Thursday in the city of Holguín with a ceremony distinguished by equestrian activities and rodeo, organized by the Agriculture sector of the eastern Cuban province.

Holguín University Grants Special Teaching Categories

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The associate professor Gloria Anisia Fariñas León, respected celebrity of the Cuban and Latin American psychological theory, received the special teaching category Guest Professor, from Reynaldo Velázquez, rector of the University of Holguín.