“The blockade of Cuba must end.”

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Paul Laverty, author of the screenplay for the prizewinning film on the life of dancer Carlos Acosta, describes the U.S. blockade as a disgrace.

Several crop planting programs are advancing in Holguin

  • Written by Roberto Ortiz del Toro
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The planting of grains, vegetables, fruits and citrus fruits, keeps occupied more than 30,200 hectares that represent 57 percent of the areas dedicated to various crops in the province of Holguín.

Holguin Immersed in Coffee Harvest

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Since September 11, the province of Holguin is immersed in the coffee harvest, which involves 63 productive forms and about 5,000 workers from the eastern Cuban territory.

Cuban President Checks Progress on Hydraulic Project

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Hundreds of kilometers of tunnels, canals and bridges make up the water transfer projects underway in the country. On completion, they will benefit some 400,000 hectares of land.