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Holguín Shows Effective Use of Renewable Energy Sources

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The use of renewable energy sources shows its feasibility in the province of Holguín according to data issued about the photovoltaic solar park operating in Yuraguanal, in the municipality of Freyre.
Aroldo Pupo Hechavarría, director of the Economic Unit (UEB) of Investments in the Holguín Electricity Company, told the Cuban News Agency that for five months Yuraguanal has generated more than three thousand megawatt hours incorporated into the National Electro-energy System ( SEN).

The specialist noted that the photovoltaic park is designed to save each year 390 tons of fuel to the country, which confirms the effectiveness of the use of alternative energy sources in the eastern province.

According to the specialized software, he explained, in 12 months these solar panels should stop emitting around one thousand 200 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for every megawatt installed and in that way it will reduce environmental contamination by the unnecessary emision of greenhouse gases.

The months of work analyzed to date are not those of higher power generation, or solar radiation, but the statistics show compliance with the expected parameters and show that the energy levels incorporated into the SEN can be higher, as a result of the use of renewable sources, Pupo said.

The photovoltaic solar park of Yuraguanal, in the vicinity of the tourist pole of Guardalavaca, began to operate in November 2018, after a large investment project developed by the Holguín Electricity Company and other related entities, which benefits the surrounding population and the hotel facilities in the area.

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