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Holguin University with Outstanding Scientific Results

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UniversidadHolguínThe research results related to high impact tasks in the northeastern territory marked the work of professors and students of the University of Holguin in 2017.
The socialization in several Cuban provinces of an automated system for the production of metal molds used in building construction is among the main results, whose application demonstrates the need and usefulness of the university-society bond.
In statements to the Cuban News Agency, Miguel Cruz, vice-rector of research and postgraduate studies, stressed the impact of this project started in 2012 by the Design and Manufacturing Studies Center, assisted by computer to increase productivity in building.
He explained that the alternative implemented in Camagüey, Ciego de Ávila and Holguín not only allows the reduction of costs from the substitution of imports, but also speeds up the construction process, since the completion of a four-story building from its foundation does not take more than 30 days.
The Center also shows results in the area of industry, with projects related to vulnerability analysis of the light cover in the face of extreme winds and the use of self-generated industrial waste for the production of construction materials.
This year the center received the accreditation of excellence with Industrial Engineering and Psychology-Pedagogy degrees, which endorse the quality of the training process of the High Studies Center from multiple areas of science.
Dr.C. Roberto Pérez received recognition from the World Academy of Engineering for the establishment of various didactic methods, which can favor the study of engineering through the use of new information technologies and communications.

The delivery of 12 scholarships for postgraduate training in other nations gave prestige to professors from the University of Holguin, which has more than a hundred international agreements with institutions in some 20 countries.

David Almaguer, director of International Relations, pointed out the importance of these agreements, since every university - to develop - needs the visibility of its scientific results, and this is only achieved through the exchange of knowledge and experiences with other centers in the world.

For the delivery of the scholarships, teachers with doctoral subjects already enrolled were prioritized, whose study in prestigious universities, mainly in Spain, Russia and Mexico, will allow them to raise the quality of the different processes managed in the institution, he explained.
Almaguer insisted on the need to increase efforts in the self training of the teaching staff in the use of English language, as opportunities are sometimes lost due to the teacher's lack of preparation in this language.
He highlighted the celebration of events, such as the 8th International Scientific Conference of the University of Holguin, which was held in the spa of Guardalavaca with the participation of more than 600 delegates from about 30 countries.
The University of Holguín, with half a century of experience in Higher Education, currently has 45 degrees, more than 1,800 professors for an enrollment of over 20,000 students, both undergraduate as the graduate program. / ACN

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