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Cuban Doctors in Venezuela Guarantee People's Health

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Media corporations at the service of the Government of the United States as a mechanism to discredit the social achievements made by Venezuela and Cuba slander about the work by Cuban doctors who guarantee Venezuelans' health.
While the journalist Nicholas Casey, from The New York Times, accuses the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela of pressuring citizens to vote for President Nicolas Maduro in 2018, more than 23,000 Cuban collaborators render their services in faraway communities.
In that regard, Dr. Fernando Gonzalez, who heads the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela, said on Twitter that after the sabotage on the National Power System on March 7, the Cuban physicians kept the stability of medical areas under complex conditions.
He added that during more than 100 hours without power in 80 percent of Venezuelan territory, 596,696 medical consults, 1,426 surgeries and 163,819 lab tests were reported at Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers.
Gonzalez noted that medical assistance was provided as a principle of collaboration to all patients who arrived at each healthcare institution, regardless of their political affiliation or social origin.
He assured that 'being an internationalist is to pay our own debt with humankind. Those who cannot fight for others are not able enough to fight for themselves'.
The official noted that the Cuban doctors work to improve the Venezuelan people's quality of life.
Like the last mouthful of air inhaled by a patient before dying, Washington and its allies have few angles left to violate Venezuela's institutionality; that is why, they repeatedly resort to any excuses to justify the alleged humanitarian crisis in the country, Gonzalez noted.
Therefore, it wages a psychological war that does not recognize millions of human beings in all five continents who are attended to by the commitment and love of Cuban health professionals, for example, those affected by Ebola in Western Africa, the cholera patients in Haiti and hundreds of victims of the earthquakes in Pakistan, Peru or Mexico.
Likewise, they ignore the implementation of the Barrio Adentro Mission in Venezuela, which many have described as the most extraordinary project of solidarity carried out by two sovereign governments in the contemporary era in terms of health care worldwide. / PL

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