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Cuban Writers Competing in Holguín for “Celestino” Award

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Around 20 works by Cuban writers are competing for the Celestino de Cuento Award, sponsored by the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) in Holguín and the Ediciones La Luz publishing house of this association in the eastern city.
Luis Yuseff, editor-in-chief of La Luz, told the Cuban News Agency that the jury is composed of prominent authors, including local writer Ruben Rodríguez, deserving of the Alejo Carpentier 2019 Award.

The agenda of this 20th edition, which will run until Friday 21, is dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the birth of Onelio Jorge Cardoso and Julio Cortázar.

The program also includes panels, talks, readings and the presentation of books such as “La retataranieta del vikingo”, by writer and journalist Rubén Rodríguez, and “Mar de invierno”, by Alberto Garrandés, among other titles, Yuseff said.

According to Yuseff , authors from all the Cuban provinces will attend the event, mostly young people under 35, including Evelyn Queipo and Martha Acosta, winners of the Celestino Prize in 2017 and 2018, respectively, with the books “La máquina de recuerdos” and “Ojos para no ver las cosas simples”.

Café del Arte Joven, based in the headquarters of the (AHS) in Holguín and the Ediciones La Luz building, both in the historic center of the city, will host the nearly 20 contestants, he said.

Yuseff explained that the event has gained in participation over the years, as it first was organized for local writers and it subsequently reached the national level and highlighted the presence of award-winning authors, with high prestige in Cuba.
The Celestino de Cuento award was created in 1999 and its name refers to the original work of Reinaldo Arenas, “Celestino Antes del alba” (Celestino Before dawn) and it consists of a large-format diploma, an engraving by the renowned artist Cosme Proenza and a cash prize.

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