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Chinese Contribution in Cuban Tourism in the Year of the Dog

  • Published in Cuba
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ao lunarPhoto: Prensa LatinaFor a city with a large influx of foreign visitors like Havana, the celebration here today of the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year undoubtedly catches the attention of those who, these days, stroll through Havana.
For the occasion it is the Year of the Dog, something that clearly celebrated the Chinatown this Thursday during the evening-night in El Curita Park (old Plaza del Vapor), a down town area.
Hundreds of people arrived there, in which many tourists appeared, including, of course, the overseas Chinese who for some other reason are on the island this February.
All the associations that in one way or another have to do with the Chinese ancestry did their bit to give color to a meeting the day before the beginning of the Lunar Year, although it is necessary to take into account the time difference of Cuba with China.
Year of the yang Dog arrives to rule until February 5, 2019, according to the millennial cultural tradition of that country, it seems that the vitality, power of communication, friendship, diligence and friendship that comes with it can be a sign of prosperity , experts remember.
And it is that recently, during the Havana Book Fair, China was the guest of honor, and for the occasion the Shandong Song and Dance Theater group arrived here and acted, also in February.
The Chinatown of Havana, was founded by small merchants at first, and then by Chinese businessmen from California, United States, and had a great boom, which today they are trying to recover. / Prensa Latina

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