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Cuba Celebrates St. Valentine's Day

  • Published in Cuba
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san valentin 2In the warm tropical winter season in Cuba and the legend of Saint Valentine, Cubans are celebrating today Saint Valentine's Day with several shows of affection among couples, friends and family.
Since early today, people come and go with flowers, postcards or other gifts for the most important people in their lives, or at least to the closest ones because love knows no boundaries.
A day like any other for some, but special for those who like specific dates in order to give a gift, dine out or celebrate with friends during an informal evening.
On the occasion of the celebration, the entrepreneurial group Correos de Cuba has been distributing more than 400,000 postcards as an incentive for those who choose a simple and personal gift.
Days ago, the shopping centers were crowded with people looking for gifts for their beloved ones, while the illusion or doubt reigned in them when choosing it.
Known internationally as Valentine's Day in many countries, the date reminds a priest of the same name who performed marriage ceremonies in secret when, in the 3rd century, Roman Emperor Claudius II prohibited marriages between young people. / PL

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