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Cuba Will Support Foreign Businessmen Facing New US Sanctions

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luis carricartePhoto: ACN
Representatives of foreign companies accredited in Cuba knew the support of the authorities of the country in the face of possible demands that may arise in the context of the U.S. economic sanctions that reach the largest of the Antilles.
The foregoing was highlighted by Antonio Luis Carricarte, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, in a work meeting organized by the Chamber of Commerce at the Hotel Nacional, in Havana.
During the meeting, the First Deputy Minister reiterated the opposition to the blockade and the new measures to intensify the immoral policy that seeks to isolate and suffocate Cuba, and expressed the support of the authorities to foreign businessmen in the current circumstances.

As established in Law 80, on the Reaffirmation of Cuban Dignity and Sovereignty, Helms-Burton is illegal, inapplicable and without any legal value or effect, so you can count on our support, he said.

The Director General for the United States of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, added that they know the intentions of undertaking new measures against Cuba with the clear objective of suffocating the economy, generating scarcity, shortages, damaging productive processes and social services, and with it, harming the standard of living of the population.

However, he assured that Cuba has been suffering from U.S. hostility for 60 years, so is capable of preparing to adjust its economy and adopt the necessary measures to face the impact of US sanctions.

He added that there is a legislative body that rejects the existence of Helms-Burton and establishes how to protect the economy and foreign partners; and that Cuba does not intend to interrupt the degree of interaction that has been taking place in recent years with the American society as a whole.
Foreign businessmen with business in Cuba took advantage of the meeting to confirm their desire to accompany the economic development of the Caribbean country, at the same time that they criticized the US pressures against the island. / ACN

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