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Annan in Syria, Expectations at UN

consejo_seguridad.jpgThe United Nations (UN) resumes its sessions on Tuesday focused on the Syrian crisis, following a long weekend interrupted on Sunday by an extraordinary session of the Security Council on that country.

The topic is marked by a meeting of UN envoy for Syria Kofi Annan with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in Damascus, on Tuesday, the second meeting since Annan assumed the mediating task last February.

It also bases on the statement released 48 hours ago at the UN headquarters by the 15 members of the UN Scurity Council condemning the massacre in the Syrian Houla town on Friday.

In its communique, the UN condmened the killing of dozens of men, women, and children in that Syrian locality, but did not directly identify the perpetrators.

According to UN observers in Syria, the victims were killed by tank and artillery fire, shots at short-range, apart from suffering severe abuses or tortures, noted the communique./ PL

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