Cuban Revolution Beyond 2018

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Cuba will have a new president of the Councils of State and of Ministers, something we were aware well in advance. It has always seemed to me that the Cuban people have taken that step as natural, of historical continuity, without seeing it as a break from the past since 1959 to date.
The most novel thing is that it will be the fifth president of the country in that last period, which does not mean that any concessions are made to those who slander our political system. Everything will be the result of our General Elections, our democratic model, whose sui generis reasons are based on the unity of the people.
The 605 lawmakers elected last March 11 in the 168 municipalities,"provided with their respective certificates of election, will meet in their own right this April 18 at the Havana Convention Center to begin the Constituent Session of the 9th Legislature of the National Assembly of the People’s Power”.
The announcement of the Constitution of the National Assembly of People's Power circulated on the Internet first than on any other support, through the website of the Parliament.

There has been an overreaction from the outside, pretending to presage any contempt for the Revolution after April 18, or making known profiles of the possible successors of the General President. I have read theories of all kinds, dividing the candidates into groups, between "fidelistas" and "raulistas", military and civilians, in the pure style of election of democrats and republicans.
There is expectation, but the largest is concentrated in South Florida and the dissent lost in the curve of subservience. They make calculations of all kinds and even call the discredited OAS and the governments of the world to ignore any result of the coming week, as we have seen in Lima.

What is annoying to the enemies of the Revolution is that Raul Castro will continue as first secretary of the Central Committee of the Party. In their think, they consider us submissive, when we want is to continue with the Revolution of the humble, updated in the socio-economic, prosperous and sustainable model, something that goes beyond slogans. We certainly know that Cuba is not perfect, but what we aspire to is opposed to the Monroe Doctrine, the Bush Plan or any other monstrosity.
Author: Nelson Rodríguez Roque
Licenciado en Estudios Socioculturales Periodista Deportivo y de temas Históricos y Políticos
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