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Cubatur in Holguín Exceeds Financial Income

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cubatur loma de la cruz 1Cubatur in Holguín exceeded financial income in 2018. Photos: Alexis del Toro
The company Cubatur in Holguín exceeded in 2018 the financial income for that stage, while this year the plan in values is at 98 percent, despite the restrictions of the US government against Cuba.
The sales of excursions are at 105 percent and national tourism reported 100 thousand pesos more than projected for the date.

cubatur locomotora 2Tour sales are 105 percent.
In alliance with other entities providing services, the aforementioned travel agency materializes productive chains with Gaviota, Marina Marlins, Palmares, Artex and Transtur.

Ricardo Rojas, director of that agency in the province, said that the group provides services or assistance to international and national clients.

cubatur buceo 3English, German, Canadian and Italian tourists stand out among foreign visitors.
Among foreign clients, there are English tourists, mainly, along with Germans, Canadians and Italians. Through Thomas Cook, customers arrive from England and Germany, the latter marketed as Nekermann.

"Transat represents Canada and Presstur and Edenviage to Italy. The domestic market is very important, through sales of excursions or optional, at the request of clients or with proposals à la carte. To this last segment, preferential prices are applied ".

cubatur ricardo rojas 4Ricardo Rojas, director of Cubatur in Holguín.
"We offer nature or ecological excursions, rural tourism, of historical-cultural themes and night or recreation. Some provide a panoramic view of the daily life of the people of Holguín and the region," said Rojas.

There is, for example, an excursion -Inside Cuba tour- that includes a visit to the Santa Lucia sugar mill (in the municipality of "Rafael Freyre") and Gibara, with a tour of the tobacco factory, the bay of that city and have lunch in a hotel of this coastal town.

Later, visitors can visit the Loma de la Cruz and enjoy free time at the city of Holguín. It finally closes with a cocktail in La Bodeguita del Medio.

The head of Cubatur in the territory added: "We provide Ecotourism via Ecotur, agency more specialized in nature issues. It includes a visit to El Guayabo waterfall, the Alcalá farm, where recreation is offered in rural places and local development can be appreciated.We have other routes à la carte, Pinares de Mayarí, Baracoa, which completes a catalog of more than 15 naturalist excursions ".
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