Holguín Hosts National Event on Water Transfer Projects

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Participants in the First National Meeting on Water Transfers that takes place in Holguín from June 4 to 8 are assessing the progress of the construction and utility of these hydraulic engineering works, as well as the work done in the past years and exchange experiences and researches on the topic.

Tarea Vida with Remarkable Results in Holguín

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The recovery actions carried out in the coastal town of Gibara, some 30 kilometers from the city of Holguín, are part of the Tarea Vida plan of the Cuban state to face climate change in the eastern territory.

Holguin Implements Measures to Face Possible Heavy Rains

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The Hydraulic Resources Company in the province of Holguín implements a monitoring system in its reservoirs, as part of the measures carried out here in the face of possible heavy rains.

Gibara Gets Ready for Trade Fair

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The Commercial Fair held each month in Gibara since its presentation as a tourist destination will take place on June 2, with the participation of several companies, travel agencies and extra-hotel entities in the province of Holguín.

Holguín Promotes Protection of Cultural Heritage

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Several projects aimed at promoting the cultural heritage in eastern Cuba, stand out among the alternatives of Holguin province to protect local traditions, distinctive of the region.