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Holguín to Celebrate Day for Safety and Health at Work

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medios proteccion trabajadoresIn order to maintain safe and sanitary conditions in each work place and Cuban workers to become aware of the need to comply with established safety standards, the northeastern province of Holguin will host from November 1 to 30, the National Day for Health and Safety at Work.

Under the motto "Preventing risks reduces damage and increases the economy", the event will promote the progress and deficiencies that still remain in this respect, both in the business sector and budgeted entities in the territory.
The Directorate of Labor and Social Security in Holguín (DPTSS) informed that the opening ceremony will be held at the Provincial Transportation Company, on November 1st.
The agenda includes various activities in work centers and labor unions to provide information on accidents, illnesses in workers, more common fires in each branch or sector, causes and economic costs.
The training of cadres and specialists, as well as actions to ensure the order, cleanliness and beautification of the centers will be taken into account in order to avoid unfortunate events.
Yeremis Tabuada, deputy director of the DPTSS, said that although the activities are framed in a month, Holguín maintains throughout the year a campaign in favor of safety and health at work for the welfare of workers and the environment of work centers, as well as the impact of accidents at work and occupational diseases.

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