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Holguín Company Improves Services to the Population

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The Holguín Trading Company is carrying out investments for more than 28 million Cuban pesos in the current year, aimed to the maintenance and remodeling of units for the improvement of services to the population.
Ibert Peña, director of development of the entity said that the project focuses on those areas of higher priority within the commercial area and in line with the approaches and concerns of the voters in meetings with the delegates to the People’s Power Council.

Works include the renovation of premises destined to warehouses and the construction of stores for the sale of construction materials.

Peña noted that there are currently under construction seven units of this type in the municipalities of Calixto García, Antilla, Gibara, Mayarí and Holguín, among others, while the municipality of Cacocum actions are carried out for the total restoration of Los Pinos motel, emblematic facility of that territory.

He also highlighted the work completed in support of commercial services, food and services to the population of the mountainous communities of Guamuta and Farallones in the municipalities of Cueto and Moa, respectively, as part of the program to improve communities of the Holguín Turquino plan.

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