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Grand Yoga Teacher Visits Holguín

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yogaPhoto: Eduardo Ávila FB profile.
The Universal Grand Master author of the master-system Yoga in Daily Life, Swami Maheshwarananda, started a press conference in Holguín with a mantra for peace and happiness for Cuba, prior to the 2nd International Meeting of Yoga Practitioners.
The event, which began on the 18th, will run until April 28 with the participation of 27 delegates from Spain, Germany, Canada and Cuba.

The distinguished visitor expressed to be glad in the Caribbean nation. "I speak a lot about Cuba in the world and the United Nations. I always talk about the beauty of this country. I am very fortunate to be here, God blessed me so that I could be here, this people, this government is very kind. India has excellent relations with Cuba, "he said.

"Yoga provides harmony and peace, physical, mental and spiritual health. Life must go to happiness, to harmony. We all live in one land: Yoga is there for that unit, we must learn to live in happiness, " he added.

When answering a question about the experiences of Yoga in adolescents with addictions, he expressed that "first of all it depends on the parents; the children grow in the lap of their parents. After three years they must teach them with whom to relate and where to go. The teacher is the second father; he must take care of them and educate them at the same time, and also influence in their diet".

"In Holguín there are 2,000 groups of Yoga practitioners started 12 years ago with the descendants of Spaniards in the region," said Eduardo Ávila, director of the Casa de Iberoamérica. "Yoga as a thousand-year discipline of the East has united groups of people."

The program of the event includes lectures, theoretical-practical classes, Exercises on KHATU PRANAM, and a mantra of peace in the world in the Plaza de Iberoamerica on April 27, with the presence of the Grand Master.

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