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Cuban Industry, Main Pillar in Economic Development

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holmeca 1The province of Holguín is one of the territories in the country that is based more on productivity in the industrial sector.
The industry in Cuba is fundamental in the economic development of the country and a profitable source for foreign investment. This sector is progressing along with the transformations in the economic model and the appearance of new techniques to increase its potential.
In Cuba, the financial capital management model is based mainly on the increase of productivity in the different sectors of the industry.

The province of Holguin is one of the Cuban territories that is based more on productivity in the industrial sector, therefore developing a plan according to the needs of the territory for the increase of capital and therefore of its added value, is one of the premises of the people involved in the activity.

holmeca 2Working efficiently is essential in the factory Heroes del 26 de Julio.
The Mechanical Company Heroes del 26 de Julio, whose trade name is HOLMECA, presents a new structure that makes it an industrial complex. Contributing to the achievement of profitable objectives for our economy is one of the fundamental bases of the workers of the industry.

"Emerged in 2015, it has four Basic Business Units (UEB) that contribute to the general result of the industry: the 26 de Julio Enterprise for Agricultural Equipment, the main headquarters; the UEB of Mechanical Productions of the municipality of Banes, dedicated mainly to metal fabrication and trailers.

It also includes the UEB of Electrical Engines Tauba, of the municipality of Cacocum, which favors the substitution of imports with the repair of engines, from alternative solutions; and the UEB of Internal Transportation”, explains Dayrelis Carrasco Rojas, Communication and Marketing Manager.

This industry works mainly for export, since the search for new markets in order to extend production outside the national scope constitutes a premise to achieve greater competitiveness in the international market, and with it the recognition of workers and customer satisfaction.

"The company is a leader in the national market in terms of production of agricultural implements, with the presence of machinery with high technological development, which allowed its centralization in our territory," added Carrasco Rojas.
"Since 1994, productions have been carried out for export. At this time we have accumulated sales of 5 million 800 thousand pesos, but has been decreasing. At the moment we only have an annual plan of 15 thousand pesos, despite having the productive capacity to reach million-dollar sales”, said Juan Carlos Ricardo Ricardo, Head of Commercial Management Group.

The lack of money, the scant raw material obtained within the national territory and the lack of legitimacy with its own products are factors that limit its authority in the international market, despite being one of the companies with the possibility of producing quality implements for agricultural work.

The little opening to new markets and the loss of those already acquired by agreements and commercial contracts does not limit the level of commitment with customers who still value the guarantee with which the productions are offered.

holmeca 3There are several productions in the workshops of the industry.
Ricardo Ricardo added: "The main market is Jamaica, although we have sales to other countries such as Mexico and Haiti.
Sales were scanty compared to previous years, therefore, to propose strategies in the search for new market is fundamental.
"Due to this mishap, the export was made through TECNOSIME, but it is not enough, because we need new exporters to increase sales of our products," he added.

The raw material is difficult to obtain, since the country has to buy it from other suppliers, which brings considerable losses.
The quality of the equipment is good, with a guarantee of up to one year; therefore, with sales to foreign customers we can obtain hard currency, which is the US dollar or the euro.

The presence of the company standard in the products limits the sale and purchase by other clients, because it does not allow doing business directly with the interested consortiums.

"The possibility of participating in the business fair at ExpoCuba allows us to know the demand of our productions by other companies. But due to internal problems, it cannot be efficiently answered, even though it has the productive capacity to over fulfill the year's plan for commercial development, " said the Head of the Commercial Management Group.

holmeca 4Young people are also protagonists in the Holguin industry. Photos: Carlos Rafael
However, even if they have a considerable increase in the production range, the lack of raw material and the imports to acquire them bring considerable losses to the country.

"In addition, it is very important to achieve materials with better finish, because the parts that are bought in other markets have higher prices than those produced in our country, and it is necessary to make commercial agreements", explains Abdiel Zayas, Senior Specialist Mechanic.

Also, import substitution is key and thus use lower capital to avoid losses at the economic level. On the other hand, getting an income in hard currency to buy other necessary supplies, difficult to get on our island is important.

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