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Constitutional Referendum: Human Being is the Most Important Thing

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referendo espo holguinPhoto: Alexis del Toro
Everything concerning the stage prior to the Constitutional Referendum on February 24 in Cuba was checked in Holguín by Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN).
Ernesto Santiesteban Velázquez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the eastern province, said the meeting served to outline the organizational order.
"We are not going to defend individual interests, but those ones of the Homeland," reiterated the political leader of the territory, and expressed that communication and the link with the grassroots must be indispensable requirements for the historic date.
In the presence of Julio César Estupiñán Rodríguez, president of the local government, and other leaders and electoral authorities, Balseiro Gutiérrez carried out an analysis of the assurances of the Referendum and the functioning of the Electoral Commissions to each level.
Caridad Ramos, the province's chief electoral officer, presented a report "for the sake of expressing what has been done, dependent on whether the country's Constitution is the voice of the people", and called attention on the importance that has been given to the young people who will exercise their vote for the first time, in order to clarify everything.
"We have a great responsibility, given by the Electoral Law. We need the support of organizations and institutions in this process. The electoral commissions have to be integrated by trained people, because they are in charge of reporting the results. Nobody can be left without knowing how to exercise the vote. "
"We must create an electoral environment," she said and urged to check every detail of the Referendum, modified by more than 60 percent since its Project and approved by the National Assembly of People's Power.
The President of the Government said that on February 24 will have as a most important component to the human being and highlighted the role of young people in the popular consultations that preceded the current period.
Balseiro Gutiérrez, from the distribution and sale of the tabloid of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, called on the people to read it, consult it, which will lead to the idea of why we are going to vote.

"Its study and knowledge would give a conscious vote," she said, and praised the strength of the Holguín electoral authorities, whose members, in about 80 percent, have experiences of other electoral processes.
Nelson Rodríguez Roque
Author: Nelson Rodríguez Roque
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