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Inaugurated in Holguín new terminal of National Buses

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TerminalOmnibus1With excellent comfort and diversity in services to the population, the José María Pérez Capote National Bus terminal was inaugurated in the city of Holguín.
The same, located in the City Garden Division, has three rooms with capacity for up to 120 people and a specialized area for women who breastfeed their babies and pregnant women, with this alternative ensures greater comfort for passengers.
Regular services will begin to be provided from January 1st to all destinations in the country.
The investment that amounted to 6.5 million pesos, has platforms for entry and exit to the terminal, custodians for luggage that can be delivered a day in advance as well as a beautiful restaurant and a store
Achieving that the travelers can maintain the constant communications was one of the biggest orders that was solved because it was worked to include a WiFi zone, work carried out by the ETECSA workers.
The inauguration was attended by Luis Antonio Torres Iribar, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Holguin and a member of the Central Committee. Also present were Julio César Estupiñan president of the Provincial Assembly of Popular Power and other officials.
During the development of the act were recognized companies and institutions that for a long period of time worked uninterruptedly to put in the hands of the people of Holguin so wonderful construction. /Radio Angulo

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