Holguin Agricultural Sector Gets Ready for Cold Season

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Photo: ACN and Granma
Farmers in the province of Holguin have among their priorities for the next months the preparation of land with a view to the planting of various crops for the so-called cold season, which extends in Cuba from September to February.
In that period the agricultural entities and farmers must plant no less than 32 thousand hectares, of which most will correspond to viands and grains, according to a debate on the issue carried out by the Provincial Council of this sector in the eastern territory.
This area will be higher than that registered in similar stage of 2017 due to the demands of agricultural products by the Holguin population, which has bananas as the main line among crops.
The production program in this area of food aims at obtaining collection levels that contribute to the municipal self-supply of agricultural products, for which entities apply variants in order to achieve that the fields reach higher yields by areas.
In this regard, managers of the sector prioritize irrigation projects, mainly in those productive areas that have water availability from the benefits provided by the East-West transfer.
The irrigation projects include the assembly of 10 central pivot irrigation machines in the Productive Areas of the municipalities of Mayarí and Cueto, territories where fertile and abundant lands are concentrated for the comprehensive development of agriculture.

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