Holguin Readies for Discussions of Cuba's Draft Constitution

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Professionals from different fields of society shared on Tuesday in the norhteastern city of Holguin issues regarding the draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, whose people's debate will start next August 13th.
The President of the Jurists Association in the eastern territory, Yuliet Pena stressed the importance of ratifying the democratic character of the Constitution and its ties with the achievements of the Revolution since its triumph on January 1st, 1959.
She emphasized in the criteria of intangibility collected in the document meaning the inability of different modifications to the socialist system.
Pena stressed on the responsibility of the participants in the process in listening to the criteria of each citizen and achieving a massive popular participation.
During the process, the main issues were regarding the faculties the President’s designation, forms of property and civil rights.
Rosa Maria Raez, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Communist Party that works in the ideological department pointed out the preparation of the local residents for the assembly taking into account the size among other conditions.
This activity is part of the preparation process of the duo that will lead the assemblies and other direct participants in the exchanges that will take place in the consultation process with the population on the draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba. In Holguin, some 12 thousand assemblies are scheduled to take place. /Radio Angulo

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