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Holguin to Set Up Municipal Assemblies of People´s Power

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The Municipal Assemblies of People's Power will be constituted in the 14 Holguin municipalities on December 17, when 1,266 delegates (councilors) will take up their posts in the local government bodies and presidents, vice-presidents and secretaries will be elected.
Carmen Gertrudis Bejerano Tamayo, secretary of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power, said that, prior to this meeting, a process of political preparation of the delegates was carried out to provide them with the necessary tools to adequately perform their functions. They were explained issues related to the Cuban political system, the election process and the work of the candidacy commissions, among other topics.
She added that, from December 18 to 30, the process of delivery of positions will be carried out in those districts where the delegates were replaced and in the territories where the executive board of the Municipal Assemblies is modified, while the training of all the members is scheduled for January.

After the electoral process developed throughout Cuba, the Holguin municipalities with the largest number of delegates are Holguín, Mayarí and Banes.
María Caridad Martínez Peregrín
Author: María Caridad Martínez Peregrín
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