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Holguin: Maternal Milk Bank Benefits Newborn Babies

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The Maternal Milk Bank (BLM) of the General Teaching Hospital Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is a guarantee for the Mother and Child Care Program (Pami) in the province of Holguín.


Since its opening five years ago, this center supplies the pasteurized natural food to newborns severely sick or other causes that require special attention.

Each year, the number of donors grows gradually, both in the amount of milk submitted to the thermal process and children benefited.

Up to August, around 50 children were favored by the contribution of 222 healthy mothers with surplus in their breasts after feeding their children, which allowed pasteurizing 32,900 milliliters of the food.

Dr. Tania Wilson, head of the Intensive Care Unit of Neonatology, to which the BLM is attached, said that in that unit, women are assisted and given guidance on the correct techniques of breastfeeding and how to donate their milk. In the first seven months of 2017, 1,390 mothers attended the service.

The Coordinator of the Breastfeeding Program in the eastern territory added that the bank, besides being a specialized center for the process of human milk, contributes to the program of promotion and support to exclusive breastfeeding up to about six months of age, by providing infants with the necessary nutrients in their healthy growth and development.

This is one of the results by which the Lenin hospital will be reaccredited on October 23rd as a Friend of Mother and Child Hospital, started by UNICEF and WHO in 1991-1992, to implement directed practices to promote and support breastfeeding in health institutions.

From the beginning of this program Cuba embraced the initiative, which was extended to the entire territory. In Holguín the "Lenin" was one of the first institutions to receive this category.

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