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Medical Specialties Undergoing Accreditation Process in Holguin

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Directors of the National Accreditation Board are carrying out from March 4 to 7 an external evaluation of the medical specialties of Dermatology, General and Aesthetic Surgery, after extensive preparation process, with a view to reaching that category, which endorses training, professionalism and quality of the services provided to the population of Holguin.
The process is carried out in the University of Medical Sciences of the eastern province, where experts will assess in situ the work of teachers and other professionals of these three medical specialties, with vast experience and results in this institution that trains the human resources of the province and other territories of Cuba and abroad.
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Dr. Pura Aviles, when welcoming the evaluation group, made a recount of the teaching training in the health sector of Holguin, which as a unit attached to the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad de Oriente, began its activities in 1966, a few months after the inauguration of the general hospital Vladimir Ilich Lenin, with groups of auxiliary students of Nursing and students of the Faculty of Medicine of the University.
Aviles expressed that "the need of assistance forced an effort in the methodological training, achieved through training courses after the working day and thus emerged the University Center of Holguin to guarantee the improvement and teaching categorization".
The prominent teacher recalled that in 1964 was established the Department of General Surgery in the former Civil Hospital with two specialists and four doctors, who in addition to their assistance tasks of consultations and medical guards assumed the care of hospitalized patients and surgical activity. "In the 1967-68 academic year, we graduated the first first-degree specialists in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation and General Surgery (CG), evaluated by national experts."
She added that until 2018 the province has graduated 169 first-degree CG specialists, of them 16 from other countries":
She pointed out that since the inauguration of the Lenin hospital the Burns Service began to operate, with coverage for the provinces of Holguin, Las Tunas and Granma for adult and pediatric patients. Today this territory already has 23 specialists of this branch.
The specialty of Dermatology traces its work to the inauguration of the Lenin hospital, with services to three provinces of eastern Cuba. At present, the service is provided at the Lucía Íñiguez Landín surgical hospital of Holguin, and 73 professionals have graduated so far.
"At the University of Medical Sciences we have a competent faculty, prepared to graduate professionals according to international models of Higher Education, staff who love their work and is committed to the social order of degrees and specialties. Their professors, of high scientific level contribute with their investigations to face the treatment and rehabilitation of the health of patients, which has made them gain prestige and consideration of the people, " she said.
If the Certification of Accreditation procedes after the evaluation process, it means that those three medical specialties in analysis are in accordance with the foreseen according to the models of quality established in the country and at international level.

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