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Polio Vaccination Campaign in Holguin Starts on February 25

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The 58th Polio Vaccination Campaign will take place during the months of February and April 2019 in Holguin, where 45,223 children will benefit in the two stages, as part of the efforts to maintain polio eradication in the infant population.
In the first stage, which will last until March 2, the oral vaccine will be administered to 32,741 children from one month to one year of age, and 11 months and 29 days, who will also receive a second dose from Monday 22 to Saturday 27 April.
During the campaign, a reactivation of the vaccine will be administered to 12, 492 nine-year-old children.
Dr. Clara Fernandez, head of the Immunization Program in the eastern Cuban province, explained that the campaign will be carried out in two stages, of about six days each and seven weeks between them and after each period there will be recovery stage, for those children who for various reasons could not be vaccinated.
She explained that the preparation cannot be supplied to children with high fever, diarrhea or vomiting, nor should food be taken 30 minutes before and after vaccination, nor should it be applied to immunodepressed infants.
The doctor and the family nurse are responsible for providing the preparation presented in bottles of 20 doses and note the vaccination in the clinical history, the card or immunization card of each patient.
Since 1962 six diseases preventable by vaccines and some serious forms of other diseases have been eradicated in Cuba, while in the period from 1962 to 2018, approximately 85, 200 thousand doses of the anti-polio vaccine have been administered in the country, which has guaranteed the protection of the Cuban population under 71 years of age.
Before the Triumph of the Revolution in 1959, only two diseases preventable by vaccines were eliminated: yellow fever in 1908 and smallpox in 1923.

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