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Holguin Increases Comprehensive Service for Infertile Couple

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The infertility consultation network established in the 14 municipalities of the province of Holguin has provided assistance to some 10,000 couples with problems in the conception of pregnancy, as part of the actions implemented in the territory to increase fertility and birth rate.
It includes 70 percent of women of childbearing age with more than a year of relationship without achieving pregnancy, who are attended by the multidisciplinary team that works in each municipality.

So far in these consultations have been evaluated a thousand 195 new couples referred by the Family Doctor, to achieve 69 clinical pregnancies, said Dr. Katia María Ochoa, provincial director of Public Health.

All the consultations work three times a week, with the exception of the one established in Holguín, with headquarters in the Máximo Gómez polyclinic, whose periodicity is daily, since the largest population is concentrated in the provincial capital and to facilitate the specialized medical service to the patients that go there in search of help.

If no solution is found in primary care, patients are referred to the provincial services of assisted reproduction of low and high complexity, based in the Territorial Center of Care for the Infertile couple, to receive the corresponding treatment in accordance with the problems faced by the patient.

For example, so far this year 556 new couples were attended, 233 inseminations were performed and 118 clinical pregnancies were achieved through assisted reproduction; while the specialists from the High Technology Center attended 310 patients.

This Center achieves the best results in the country with very favorable and gradual results since it opening in 2014, when it was first incorporated in In Vitro Fertilization (FIV) in the eastern territory and, later in 2017, the egg donation tecnique. To date, it has allowed 98 pregnancies with this procedure.

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