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G77+China: The End of the Blockade Would Contribute to World Development

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The representative of Egypt, on behalf of the Group of 77 plus China (G77 + China), said that Cuba has contributed for many decades in assisting countries in need in environmental, health and other crises. The support provided by Cuba and its doctors during the crisis caused by the Ebola epidemic that affected the West African countries recently is proof of this, he added.
Cuba also has many possibilities to develop projects in sectors such as health, environment, agriculture and others, with countries G77 + China.

The G77 + China wishes to reiterate its full support for the recommendations of the resolution that demands the cessation of the economic and financial blockade against Cuba. The urgency and need to put an end to this blockade is supported by collective efforts to achieve the objectives of the 2030 agenda.

He also called on the international community to increase its efforts to put an end to the blockade not only for the good of Cuba, but also to contribute to the global efforts to achieve the 2030 agenda. / Cubadebate

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