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Holguín Publisher with New Books at Havana Book Fair

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Ediciones La Luz 1
A compendium of interviews carried out over the last 30 years by prominent Cuban author Eduardo Heras León, to whom is dedicated the 28th edition of the International Book Fair, is among the novelties of the Holguín publishing house Ediciones La Luz for the Havana Book Fair to take place in Havana from February 7 to 17.
“Eduardo Heras León en el aula inmensa de la vida” is the title conceived by the writer Yunier Riquenes, who gathered very personal anecdotes that recreate a fruitful life marked by the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, said Luis Yuseff, director of the publisher.

The Holguín editing house will also present the volume “Un trío y la fama,” by writer Yohan Balón Gómez, which won the Calendar Contest, in the 2011 and deals with topics such as the family, mass media and respect for the freedom of adolescents, Yuseff highlighted.

ediciones la luz 2
Also the book “Nube oscura alrededor de la cabeza”, by Julián Marcel Baldemira, who deserved the Celestino Prize, of stories, for the adequate use of expressive resources, in addition to the exquisite construction of the dialogues.

The Hermanos Saiz Association's publishing house in Holguín will have a stand at the main headquarters of the International Book Fair, in the La Cabaña fortress, and literature lovers will be able to access other books such as Viento Sur, de Maga Villalón and the novel La voz Cuasi, by Mildre Hernández.

Ediciones La Luz was founded in May of 1997 and its publications are characterized by an excellent manufacturing, as well as recognized awards such as the Celestino prize for short stories and the Gastón Baquero Poetry Prize. / ACN

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