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Holguín Nominees to the 2018 Cultural Event

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suceso 01 Cabrejas conciertoPhoto: Carlos Rafael
The 10 events of 2018 in the province of Holguín that aspire to win the Cultural Event of the Year Award were nominated by the Circle of Journalists specializing in this subject in the territory.
The press selected the concert "Fuera de foco" by the acclaimed troubadour Fernando Cabreja for his 60 anniversary and 40 years of artistic life, offered by the artist at the Eddy Suñol Theater, with great acceptance by the public.

suceso 02 Fito FestivalPhoto: ACN
The presentations of Fito Páez, Silvio Rodríguez and Osvaldo Montes at the 14th International Film Festival of Gibara, as well as the exclusive performance of the American rock group Suicidal Tendencies at the 25th Romerías de Mayo, are also among the nominees.

suceso 03 leydis premio coPhoto: Radio Angulo
Nominated events include the performance of the Young girl Leydis Thalía, awarded in the program "La Colmena TV", which had a great impact on the population.

suceso 04
The premiere of the animated short film "La Ciudad de La Periquera" by the ANIMA Studios of Holguín was added to the list, an audiovisual that addresses in an entertaining way for the children's audience a history of the city, unfortunately little known.

suceso 05 malakov premio
The premieres “El segundo sexo”, “Ofrenda de toro”, “En el jardín de Aranjuez” and “Mosaico” by the Codanza Company, directed by the teacher Maricel Godoy, in the 5th North Atlantic Dance Competition and Vladimir Malakhov Grand Prix, were recognized by the specialized press.

From the visual arts, was chosen the exhibition " Visiones y presagios " by Jorge Hidalgo Pimentel for his 60 years of artistic life.

The list of nominees also includes the re-inauguration of the Cultural Center "Lalita Curbelo Barberán", the editorial impact of La Mezquita publishing house, of the Union of Historians of Cuba in Holguín and the trajectory and socio-cultural impact of the “Narración Oral Palabras al Viento” Project.
The award, instituted in 2009 by the Provincial Office of Culture and sponsored by the Cultural Communication Center, is granted in recognition of the work of artists and intellectuals whose work has generated great impact during the year.

The 2018 cultural event will be announced during a gala to be held at the Eddy Suñol Theater by the end of February, from the vote of the specialized press, as well as the Public Award, obtained by popular vote.
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