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Cycle of ELN-Colombian Government Talks Concludes in Havana

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Paz en Colombia 580x4271The negotiators of the Colombian Government and the insurgent group National Liberation Army (ELN) will conclude the sixth cycle of peace talks here today, when they will issue a public statement.
Last weekend, the Cuban and Colombian foreign ministers, Bruno Rodriguez and Maria Angela Holguin, respectively, met in Havana to analyze the peace process with the ELN, whose negotiations are held in Cuba.
The Colombian diplomat was accompanied by the high commissioner for peace, Rodrigo Rivera, and other figures involved in the dialogue, aimed at reaching an agreement to end a conflict, as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP) did before.
Cuba also hosted the dialogue between the government of President Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC-EP, which resulted in the signing of an agreement in November 2016 to demobilize the guerrillas and start their reincorporation into Colombia's civil and political life.
Last week, the head of the ELN delegation, Pablo Beltran, informed on the achievements made to implement a new ceasefire with the Colombian Government.
According to a press release posted on the website ELN PAZ (www.eln-paz.org), the new ceasefire should include humanitarian agreements to stop the assassinations of social leaders in Colombia.
Beltran also assured that the guerrillas are still 'resolving the 'red spots' of the ceasefire that President Juan Manuel Santos has said over the past few days that they refer to the suspension of operations and the unrestricted circulation of military and police forces on the territories.'
The ELN is willing to continue at the negotiating table to find a political solution to the conflict, the insurgent chief negotiator stressed. /PL

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