Two Holguin Baseball Players to the Caribbean Series

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For the second time, two Holguín baseball players will attend the 2018 Caribbean Series to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico, from February 2 to 8. The shortstop Yordan Manduley and pitcher Luis Ángel Gómez will play with the Alazanes of Granma, champions of the 57 National Series.
Yordan ManduleyManduley joined the Cuban champions in the postseason of the Cuban ball, while Gómez was a reinforcement player of los Leñadores, second place in the Cuban series.

The shortstop defender batted for 314 and drove in eight runs in the decisive stage, while the left-hander pitcher worked for a PCL Clean Running Average of 1.88 and an average on-base runners per ticket (WHIP) of 1.12, providing an all-important victory against Industriales.

Luis Ángel GómezCarlos Martí, manager of Alazanes of Granma, described Manduley the best in his position in the country, while Gómez made a great demonstration in the fourth suit for the victory in the baseball stadium Mártires de Barbados, of Bayamo.

A note from the press office of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) reports that: "In relation to the catcher Yosvani Alarcón Tardío, initially included in the roster, the medical chief of the national team, Dr. Francisco Montesinos, reported that during the last game of the final playoff he suffered a longitudinal fracture in the metacarpals of the third finger of the left hand. And he is subject to a regime of immobilization and physiotherapy treatment, and he must remain out of work for about four weeks. "


1 -Frank Camilo Morejón Reyes Catcher IND
2 -Yulexis La Rosa Águila Catcher VCL
3 -Guillermo J. Avilés Difurno Infielder GRA
4 -Rafael Ramón Viñales Álvarez Infielder LTU
5 -Carlos Benítez Pérez Infielder GRA
6 -Raúl González Isidoria J Infielder CAV
7 -Lázaro Cedeño González Infielder GRA
8 -Yurisbel Gracial García Infielder MTZ
9 -Alexander Ayala García Infielder CMG
10 -Yulián Milán Santos Infielder GRA
11 -Juan Carlos Torriente Núñez Infielder IND
12- Yordan Manduley Escalona Infielder HOL
13 -Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez Outfielder GRA
14 -Roel Santos Martínez Outfielder GRA
15 -Yoelkis Céspedes Maceo Outfielder GRA
16 -Jorge Antonio Yhonson Dixon Outfielder LTU
17 -Frederich Cepeda Cruz SSP Outfielder
18 -Lázaro Blanco Matos Pitcher GRA
19 -Leandro Martínez Figueredo (Z) GRA Pitcher
20 -Yanier González Rodríguez Pitcher GRA
21 -Ulfrido García Andujar (Z) SCU Pitcher
22 -Miguel Lahera Betancourt ART Pitcher
23 -Alaín Sánchez Machado Pitcher VCL
24- Raidel Martínez Pérez Pitcher PRI
25 -Yoannis Yera Montalvo MTZ Pitcher
26 -Luis Ángel Gómez Gámez (Z) HOL Pitcher
27 -Bladimir Baños Chacón Pitcher PRI
28 -Yoelkis Cruz Rondón Pitcher LTU
Director: Carlos Martí Santos
Assistant: Ramón Rodríguez Rondón
Assistant: Leonardo Soto Agüero
Pitching coach: José Elosegui Sánchez
Pitching coach: Ciro Silvino Licea González
Physical Trainer: Leonardo Goire Prada
Doctor: Francisco Montesino Flores
Psychologist: Heriberto Suárez Milanés
Author: Nelson Rodríguez Roque
Licenciado en Estudios Socioculturales Periodista Deportivo y de temas Históricos y Políticos
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