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Quality and Good Service in El Paso

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el paso sagua 1
The El Paso Services Complex is located between rivers and mountains belonging to the municipality of Sagua de Tanamo.
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After a long trip from different points of the Holguin geography, it is necessary to stop on the way in El Paso, to rest, enjoy the Creole food and continue on the way to the eastern region of Cuba.
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Hospitality and good service are present at all times, both in the restaurant area and in room service.
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The cabins of the complex were completely remodeled and enjoy excellent comfort, as well as a privileged outside beauty.
el paso sagua 5

The rooms have excellent conditions for the necessary rest of the visitors.
el paso sagua 6

The decoration of the roof and walls stand out in the facility.
el paso sagua 7

The beauty of its decoration, both indoors and outdoors, stands out in the geography of this mountainous area of the Holguin Turquino Plan, which distinguishes one of the most important facilities in this region, full of rich history.