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Lighthouse "Cabo Lucrecia"

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The Lighthouse of Punta Lucrecia, located on the north coast of the province of Holguín, has a centennial history, it serves as a safe guide to the ships that sail the waters of the north-east coast of Cuba. It is considered one of the 100 most important in the world because of its geographical position.
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It is located in the north coast of the province of Holguín, in Punta Lucrecia, belonging to the Banes municipality. The lighthouse is located at 21 ° 04 '15 north latitude and 75 ° 37' 13 west latitude, emitting a flash of white light every 5 seconds, it is 40 meters above sea level and has a geographical range of 18 miles.
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Inside, a spiral staircase of 168 steps - 33 made of limestone and 135 of cast iron - leads to the lighting chamber, where modern technology produces a visible signal up to a distance of 42 miles, more than double of the original design which was 17 miles.
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The paradoxes of history linked the building with the independence of Cuba, because the date of lighting was on October 10, 1868, when a group of patriots led by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes proclaimed the beginning of armed struggle for liberty and abolition of slavery.
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