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Biodiversity and Tourism

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BIOTUR 2018 1
Biotur 2018, the only biodiversity and tourism event in eastern Cuba, was held in the Villa Blanca de Gibara, in the north of the province of Holguin.

BIOTUR 2018 2
Specialists related to the subject, held a theoretical event to debate on the issue and visited the route of the Cacoyugüín river to the town of San Antonio.
BIOTUR 2018 8

Participants also enjoyed the natural beauties of the hill of Yabazón, with a zafari to its top, as part of the land route of Christopher Columbus on his arrival in Cuba in 1492.
BIOTUR 2018 4

Tanques Azules of Caletones called the attention of specialists.
BIOTUR 2018 5
BIOTUR 2018 6
BIOTUR 2018 9
BIOTUR 2018 3
BIOTUR 2018 7
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