Holguin University Opens Faustino Oramas Chair

  • Written by Yanela Ruiz González
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The honorary Chair of Cuban music Faustino Oramas, belonging to the University of Holguin (UHo), was officially established on March 27, commemorating the 12th anniversary of the death of the Juglar Mayor, distinguished personality of the northeastern Cuban province.

Holguin Shows Favorable Results in Sugar Cane Planting

  • Written by Redacción ¡ahora!
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Workers involved in the sugar cane planting program show favorable results from January to date, while getting ready to undertake in April the largest commitment in the first quarter of the year as part of the preparations for the forthcoming harvest.

UHo Contributes to the Implementation of Life Task in Holguin

  • Written by Betsy Segura Oro
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The University of Holguin (UHo) has among its priorities the environmental protection, with the implementation of the Life Task plan of the Cuban State conceived to face the Climate Change in the island.

Cuban Industry, Main Pillar in Economic Development

  • Written by Roxana Guisado Fernández / Student of Journalism
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The industry in Cuba is fundamental in the economic development of the country and a profitable source for foreign investment. This sector is progressing along with the transformations in the economic model and the appearance of new techniques to increase its potential.

Holguin Begins Preparations for May 1st Celebration

  • Written by Maribel Flamand Sánchez
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George Batista Perez, general secretary of the Cuban Workers' Federation (CTC) in the province of Holguin called on the working class of the eastern territory for the celebration of the International Workers' Day, on May 1st, in meeting held here with authorities from the territory.