Holguín Hosts Symposium on Calixto García

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The Symposium Thought and Action of Major General Calixto García is takes place in Holguín from November 11 to December 13, with the aim of reflecting not only on the life and work of the patriot, but also on Cuba's independence wars.

Tribute to the Martyrs of the Motherland in Holguín

  • Written by Nelson Rodríguez Roque
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The people of Holguín today paid tribute to Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo, his assistant Panchito Gómez Toro, and the internationalist combatants, on the 29th anniversary of Operación Tributo.

Holguín Etecsa to Prioritize Mountainous Areas

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To work on the establishment of telephone communication in the mountainous communities with less than 200 inhabitants of the Turquino Plan of Holguín, stands out among the projections of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) in the northeastern province for 2019.

Professionals from the Media Meet in Holguín

  • Written by Yamila Pupo Otero, Radio Angulo
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The 4th Press Festival "Irma Armas Fonseca In Memoriam", dedicated to hypermedia journalism, began this Wednesday in Holguín with the participation of Ricardo Ronquillo Bello, president of the Union of Journalists of Cuba ( Upec) who reflected on the current situation of the press in the country and the need for greater use of the digital technology and social networks.

Skilled Workers and Technicians, a Priority for the Educational Sector

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The training of skilled workers and technicians, in correspondence with the needs of the economic and social development of Holguín, is included today within the priorities of the Education sector in the northeastern territory.