Holguin Pediatric Hospital Improves Infrastructure

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pediatrico inversiones 3Photos: Elder LeyvaThe Pediatric Hospital Octavio de la Concepción de la Pedraja of Holguin is undergoing repair and maintenance works in order to improve services of that institution, one of the largest ones in the Caribbean country.
The renovation works aim to improve the state of deterioration of premises, mainly those of hospitalization, such as the respiratory disease room, located on the fifth floor of the building.
Since the implementation of the project in 2017, several premises were reopened, including the room for malnourished children and the Cardiology room.
pediatrico inversiones 2The International Medical Attention Room (AMI) is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2018. "This unit will have three beds and provide specialized assistance to foreign personnel entering our center," said Dr. Miguel Leyva Tamayo, director general of the hospital.

Dr. Leyva also explained that "in the period, construction works will be completed in the companion room of patients admitted to Neonatology and therapy rooms.

The 469-bed pediatric hospital provides medical care in 25 specialties in outpatient and 22 inpatient wards, to patients from Holguin and other provinces of eastern Cuba in services such as neonatal surgery, neurosurgery and Oncohematology, services of reference in the country.
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